Empty the Garbage

It’s unavoidable. Bad things WILL happen in every baseball game. You’ll hit a ball on the screws, and right at a fielder who catches it for an out. You’ll leg out an infield hit, and the umpire will make a bad call and declare you out. You’ll get a perfect pitch, drive it deep, and the wind will hold it up for an out. The possibilities for disappointment seem limitless. How does a great hitter deal with the frustration and forge ahead?

This is a primary key to success for any great hitter: you must learn to forget. When disappointment occurs, leave it behind. Wipe your memory bank clean and think “next time, I’ll succeed.” In essence, throw away the trash and detritus that want to reside in your psyche and attempt to poison your attitude. Empty the garbage. A task easier said than done – the reward is commensurate with the effort, however.

Take out the trash after every at-bat and find greatness in what remains. Stay clean and get great!



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