A common challenge is the development of a “level” swing, meaning that the angle of the bat moves in an appropriate arc toward the ball and tends more toward level, rather than a golf-swing radical uppercut.

An easy training device for this purpose, especially for the beginning or novice hitter, is a conventional length of rope. Have the batter take his stance at a plate. Attach or hold one end of the rope at a distance comparable to where a catcher would squat, then extend the other rope straight to the appropriate distance of the pitcher’s mound and rubber. The helper holds the rope at an angle and height consistent with where a pitcher releases a pitch. Keep the rope taut and in or around the strike zone.

The batter sights an imaginary ball and takes a normal swing, endeavoring to keep the bat level to and at an identical angle with the rope. In just a few swings, the rope creates a visual anchor that teaches the concept of a “level swing.” Move beyond using only words and imaginary concepts of level and add this simple, tangible and affordable learning device to your batting repertoire. Stay level, get great.

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