A great hitter draws inspiration from a variety of sources, people and events. In time, everything he sees and experiences becomes a part of his evolution as a hitter. Even something frivolous, such as a video game, is beneficial to his progress.

For example, any of the respective and  plentiful Game Boy and X-Box systems’ baseball games can drive home a critical skill: when you swing, an intent must be to drive the bat-head through the ball. A great hitter swings with conviction. He does not meet the ball or tap the ball or make contact with the ball. A great hitter crushes the ball, just like the animated fictional characters in the game Crushed Baseball. 

The game illustrates the point with out-sized bats and outrageous muscles and tape-measure home-runs. A great hitter’s game personifies the point with a precise swing that takes the barrel of the bat to, and through, the ball with significant speed and superior power. Envision the ball exploding as it is pulverized by your bat. Become the fantasy, and crush the ball!


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