Be An Idol

One of the most popular TV shows of this year, and any year during the last decade, is American Idol. Critics dismiss it as pure lightweight pablum suitable for low-brow tastes, but a critical viewer discerns value in every episode.

Most important, every so often one of the judges dispenses a critical shred of advice to a contestant. Among them: treat every appearance on stage as the single most important moment in your career. Don’t dawdle; don’t equivocate; don’t waste. Believe in yourself and your talent, say the judges. Trust in your ability as an artist and deliver the performance of a lifetime with no allowance for false modesty, shame, or conventional wisdom. Pick your preferred path and plunge headlong ahead – and take the audience on a journey of their lifetime! This is also great advice for a hitter, who is likewise a sort of performer on a different type of stage.

When you step into a batter’s box, there must be no doubt. A great hitter knows. He knows his purpose – make solid contact with a pitch of his preference. He knows his plan – see ball, hit ball. He knows his stance; and assumes it every time. He knows his swing; and commits to executing it with gusto. He knows his mindset – focus on hitting the ball hard and let go of any concern about the outcome. He knows he is prepared and ready for all challenges.

In this way, a great hitter can also become an American Idol, without ever auditioning as a singer. Let the bat make the noise and let the pretenders woo the judges. Make a hit record, the best way: on the baseball diamond!


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