Rogue Willpower

The founder of SEAL Team Six (the elite special forces troops who killed terrorist Osama bin Laden) was Richard Marcinko, a.k.a. the “Rogue Warrior.” Marcinko parlayed a 30-year career in the Navy and as a S.E.A.L. into a lucrative retirement writing non-fiction and fictional books depicting his fire-breathing, rip-snorting days as a special forces operator who killed bad guys with extreme prejudice.

His books are roaring adventure stories with a high level of incredulity and hyperbole mixed in an adroit prescient and tightrope blend of fantasy and reality – but he is dead serious when he addresses the mind-set of success. In his early novel Green Team, Marcinko and his expert crew track a cache of stolen biological weapons to a nuclear weapons facility. The contraband is hidden in a large, heavy metal lock box within the radioactive waters at the bottom of the nuclear waste cooling pool.

Marcinko dives in to retrieve the ponderous load. He describes his agony as he attempts to lift the impossible weight. His tendons and ligaments threaten to shred with the effort. His muscles fatigue and cramp and quit under the strain. There is no possible way he can lift the box.

So, Marcinko does the impossible. He bypasses the negative feedback from his flesh and bones and overrides their shortcomings with his mind. He absolutely refuses to fail in his quest. He has no choice. He ignores the pleas from his body, and his mind forces the body into a new realm of performance. The box is lifted and the day is saved, all because one man refused to lose.

Sometimes, being a great hitter is the same. Your body wants to cease, wants to yield, wants to give in to its limitations and admit that hitting a baseball is too difficult. At that moment, your mind must take control. Your willpower must exert dominance and force the body to comply with its assigned goal: hit the ball! A great hitter is always capable of greater feats than might seem probable, or possible. Venture toward the impossible, and go rogue on your doubts, fears and limitations. Willpower wins, in all cases.


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