Be Selfish

Many a great hitter wants to play on a great team. Such a great hitter believes that an unselfish, team-first attitude is exemplary and preferable. The great hitter thinks that, if he sublimates his personal success in favor of team success, he will prosper and become part of a championship unit.

However, this does not always work, and in fact most often does not work. A team consisting of “pure” team players uninterested in personal achievement may tilt so far toward unselfishness as to neglect personal development. Meaning, each individual wants only to be a small part of something, instead of leading others toward greatness by becoming a galvanizing, dominant player. The “pure” team player is often too fearful to become a standout and looks toward others to be the star. He hides his full talents and total capabilities behind a false veneer of modesty and unity.

Instead, know that the first rung in the ladder of success must be for an individual to take full, complete, 100% responsibility for his own actions and behaviors and skills development. In other words, a great teammate must first be a great individual. He must first maximize his particular skills and his own unique abilities in order to develop into the best teammate. A strong, capable individual always makes a better teammate than a weak, unfulfilled groupie.

Inspire others by first maximizing yourself. Do everything in your power to become the best individual on the team. Expand your capabilities and take on new responsibilities. Contribute, rather than take. Be selfish first , in order to later become an unselfish teammate. Only the selfish can become great, and a great teammate.


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