Test Tube

In science, an advantage of a test tube is the ability to examine the contents within. Sometimes, what you see is what you get, without surprise. Other times, the contents may give little indication of the ingredients. The results are a surprise and run counter to appearance.

The inner competitive nature of a batter is not contained within a test tube. The inner desire to seek improvement is not a visible ingredient. The inner zeal to overcome obstacles is not a substance that can be poured into a container and examined. Each of these qualities is hidden within the psyche, mindset and heart of a champion, and often only revealed in times of greatest need.

A fierce competitor, therefore,  is not necessarily easy to spot at a cursory glance. The victorious contents of a competitor may be hidden behind a nice, easygoing, normal and customary demeanor Рuntil such time that the attributes are called to the surface by the challenges and demands of a skill or situation. Uncommon, wonderful and miraculous qualities and abilities lie beneath the surface of a great competitor. These may not be tangible, and they may not always be visible, but once brought to the surface they remain forever, always available whenever they are summoned.



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