If someone says, “get your bat and let’s go hit,” what is your typical response?

A. “Naw, I don’t feel like it.”

B. “Aww, do I have to?”

C. “Okay, if I must.”

D. Your face looks like the rabid dog in the picture and you sprint to get your bat. You can’t wait to get on the field and start crushing baseballs and there’s not a single second to waste!

If your typical response is anything other than D, it is almost certain you will not do the hard, grueling work necessary to become a great hitter. If your answer, more often than not, is A or B or C, do yourself a favor. Find another sport or another activity that inspires the rabid dog response in you. Leave the great sport of baseball to the big dogs who want to sink their teeth into the required effort and who latch on to every opportunity to improve.



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