Wanna Bet?

Ever notice how a bet heightens the senses and enhances performance? Even the most innocuous and bereft-of-consequences bet seems to provide an increased focus and a magnified competitiveness. Use this to your advantage.

Make  a bet during your batting practices. For example, bet the pitcher that you will not swing and miss during a series of, say, 12 pitches. Set the terms and set your resolve. Or, if you can’t find a willing participant, make a bet with yourself, e.g., “I’ll make contact with 8 consecutive off-speed pitches and reward myself with some Hot Sauce sunflower seeds. If I fail {and I won’t} I’ll do 50 consecutive Hindu squats after practice as a punishment.” Always bet on yourself. Collect, and pay, your bets in full every time.

Think of a bet as an opportunity to win, and act accordingly. Put yourself, and your reputation, on the line. Use the “pressure” of a bet to compel a higher level of concentration. Use a bet to “guarantee” your maximum effort. Compete with yourself, and against mediocrity. You are capable of greatness, so stand and deliver. You can do it. Wanna bet?



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