If you want to be a great hitter and you haven’t arrived at that distinction yet, there are most likely 2 primary reasons, depending on your age: 1) you’re unsure of how to become a great hitter; 2) you’ve not put in the focused time and quality practice necessary to become a great hitter. Let’s focus on reason 2, since reason 1 is addressed in this blog and many others.

The main reason a batter does not become a great hitter is due to lack of effort. The normal, average, run-of-the-mill batter is unwilling to put forth the rigorous effort required for greatness. The normal batter has insufficient desire. If he cared enough, he’d invest the time. He’s either afraid of failure, afraid of hard work, or afraid that if he succeeds it’ll result in increased pressure to perform. Any way it’s sliced, he’s afraid.

Plain and simple: if you want to be a great hitter, stop being a sissy! {No offense to award-winning actress and singer Sissy Spacek, whose long, illustrious career demonstrates the quiet country girl’s guts, determination and capacity for tough tasks. She’s no sissy.} Stop being afraid, of whatever, and start swinging instead. Commit to be the best you can be and move past your fear into a world without guarantees and without regrets.  Look inside, find whatever is holding you back, and promise yourself that you’ll no longer avoid whatever it is that you fear.

A Sissy can act but a sissy can’t hit. Stop with the sissy stuff and start hitting!


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