Baseball is a game of many paradoxes and numerous apparent contradictions. Many of these counter-intuitions may be used to your advantage, if you keep an open mind. For instance, season 5 episode “The Opposite,” from the award-winning fictional TV comedy Seinfeld, provides some unintentional if unconventional advice. Character George Costanza decides that every instinct he’s had and every decision he’s made  in his life has been wrong, so he vows to do the opposite of his normal pattern. His new tack works – at least for the duration of this episode.

There is merit to this madcap method. On occasion, disrupt your normal pattern in order to become more aware. For instance, if you always swing without conscious thought, take several swings and use your mind to analyze each component of your swing. If you always warm up with the same bat, on occasion switch to a lighter bat or a heavier bat. If you always stride, on occasion swing without striding, and so on. You can apply this to every facet of your game.

Keep your mind and your body guessing, adapting, and responding to ever-increasing demands. Don’t get stuck in a rut of sameness – use the theory of opposite and attain greatness.



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