Linebacker Mentality

A certain youth baseball team was hand-picked in order to capture a particular mentality. The coaches selected a majority of youngsters who play Little League football and exhibit a specific “football mentality” personified by toughness and a love of competition. Several players, whether they actually play such a position or not, go beyond at times, and exemplify a “linebacker mentality” characterized by an exceptional, excessive and aggressive attitude.

NFL Linebacker Phil Villapiano, All-Pro with the Oakland Raiders and a star on the Buffalo Bills, is a perfect example of a linebacker. Villapiano was an overlooked collegiate standout at Bowling Green who captured the attention of Raiders scouts because of his exuberance, hustle, and perseverance. From day 1 of his NFL career, he was described as “(more) intense as anyone” and crazier than most. “I thought it was the coolest thing in the world to tackle somebody,” he said, and his love of the game and desire for destruction shone throughout his brilliant career.

His play was characterized by wild abandon and unrestrained pursuit of the ball. His reckless, wrecking-ball style may seem too over-the-top for the more refined motor skill-set requirements of baseball. In actuality, the same mindset prevails, whether on the baseball diamond or on the football gridiron.

“I can’t wait to get back and do it again,” Villapiano said about hitting. Let that be your attitude about hitting a baseball, too. Play with a wild, unleashed style also suitable for the NFL. Live to hit, and love to hurt {the baseball}, just like Villapiano.


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