Leg Up

Houston Astros first baseman Brett Wallace is the hottest hitter in the game, in early May 2011. The young Wallace righted himself from an early-season slump, and a disappointing major league debut in 2010, and he leads all players in batting average since mid-April.

He consistently and repeatedly takes quality swings and gets multiple base hits in games. He’s built a reputation for hard work and is known to take several hours each day of individual hitting practice, whether in the cage or off a tee or performing numerous soft-toss drills. He is systematic and thorough in his approach and watches video of other great hitters in order to capture their nuances and particular skills which may also benefit him.

His balanced, level swing most often produces a sharp line drive, and he possesses a keen eye and solid mechanics. Everything begins with his foundation of a solid, powerful stance anchored by his massive, tree-trunk legs. He digs his feet into the ground and, rather than rely on a visible and linear weight shift, Wallace instead rotates around a fixed axis centered on his stout front leg and arcs his bat swiftly around that pivot point. He’s re-discovered the short, powerful swing that produced the only consecutive Triple Crown seasons in the illustrious Pac-10 collegiate conference’s history.

Watch an Astros game, and marvel at his efficient, fast swing. Watch how his line-drive power emanates from his legs and transfers to his hands and through the bat. Respect his work ethic, and admire his devotion to greatness.



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