A young batter may learn a particular style of swing that is appropriate for his age, his coordination, his strength and speed, and his caliber of competition. He may swing a certain way which is successful in tee ball, for instance: because there’s no reaction or timing required, he may elongate his swing in order to hit the ball harder (and farther).

When he moves to coach pitch, for example, the batter may adopt a slight uppercut swing in order to hit the higher, looping, relative slow pitches delivered by his coach. In kid pitch, the same batter may be able to retain his longer, uppercut swing and still be successful because the pitchers are not necessarily overpowering or extremely fast.

The young batter may get away with a “hole in his swing,” or less than efficient technique, or a certain “hitch” or peculiarity because he is strong, has a fast swing, and has capable hand-eye coordination. However, when the caliber of competition increases and the quality of pitching improves, his old and accustomed ways of batting may not necessarily be as successful. A normal batter, when this divide occurs, becomes frustrated and discouraged and disappointed because he does not adjust his swing. He believes, wrong, that his swing was successful before; thus, it will always be successful.

A great hitter, in contrast, learns to adapt. He operates under the principle that “everything works but nothing works forever.” He adjusts his load and his swing and his mindset in order to accommodate the changes time has wrought. A great hitter retains his bedrock, fundamental swing that stamps him unique and also recognizes that certain tweaks, corrections, and changes are often necessary. Time changes everything; are you willing to change, too?



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