Less or More

Marketing guru and author Seth Godin notes a minimalist trend among certain businesses. These businesses serve their customers on a “least” basis. For example, what’s the least amount of toppings they can place on a pizza and still have purchasers? What’s the least amount of personal contact they can offer with a live phone operator and still do business? What’s the least amount of time, money, effort and care they can put into any facet of their business and still remain afloat?

There may be a time and place where this “least” philosophy is advantageous, although a majority of most successful businesses operate from the opposite perspective: what is the most they can do for their customer? Meaning, they over-deliver their service or product, and exceed expectations.

A great hitter learns that both “least” and “more” have a proper place in his training regimen. On the minimalist side, can he limit his drills to a handful of the best and allow sufficient time to derive maximal benefit from each? Can he determine the fewest amount of swings in practice that allow for peak performance? Can he distill the most appropriate hitting tips and cues into the least amount of reminders that anchor his optimal technique?

From the “more” perspective, additional repetitions performed in additional drills allow a broader range of skills to develop. Each additional swing, assuming it is done with proper intent and correct execution, means more familiarity, a more-entrenched pattern, and a more ingrained habit. More swings in more circumstances provides priceless seasoning and immense value.

Each hitter must determine his own course – a coach and parents will have input, also. The great hitter will adapt to his needs of the moment and adjust his training in an appropriate manner. Whether less or more, make the best choice for that time and don’t become a creature of habit or a staunch adherent to either school of thought. Let less be more, and more be best, and be great.



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Todd W. Skipton created the Raising A Man enterprise to provide examples, biographies, quotes, stories, and inspiration about great men and women throughout history and sports. These high achievers tapped into their inner conquering spirit in order to fulfill their maximum potential. Begin the journey from hope to reality; from possibility to accomplishment; from boyhood to manhood. Be great at everything and be great at life!
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