Breath control plays a significant part in the success of a hitter. Controlled, conscious breathing is a positive influence on your ability to concentrate. It helps dictate the ebb and flow of your emotions, and is a buffer against runaway emotional reactions.

Tips: When you’re “in the hole” and waiting to go on-deck, close your mouth and take a deliberate, deep breath through your nose as you watch the pitcher. Inhale to a quick count of 6. Imagine you have a balloon in your stomach as you inhale; feel your abdomen expand to capacity then observe your chest and shoulders lift and your shoulder blades pinch backward and together as the lungs fill to maximum. Keep your tongue on the roof of your mouth and hold the air in for another count of 6. Exhale through your mouth for a count of 6, allowing the tongue to relax. Blow out the air with vigor and energy. Allow your shoulders to sag and force your abdomen inward. Imagine you must bring your belly button inward until it touches your spine. Imagine you breathe in power and confidence; imagine that you exhale fatigue and worry.

In the on-deck circle, as you time the pitcher, breathe in when the pitcher begins his windup. You will often find that you hold your breath until you swing; allow this to happen on its own.

At the plate, perform a forceful and deep exhalation in between every pitch as you check the sign from your coach. Again, imagine that all worries and all fears and all uncertainties are expelled from your body each time. Clear your mind with the exhalation then focus on the actions see the ball, hit the ball.


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