Individual Strength

The massive and mighty Paul Anderson won an Olympic gold medal in weightlifting and is considered by many to be the strongest man who ever lived. Anderson was a rugged individualist who devised his own training regimens and in large part taught himself how to lift and how to prevail. He eschewed the tried and true methods of his peers and blazed a new trail of success that outdistanced anyone before or since.

Learn to teach yourself how to hit. Take from others what is useful and effective, without shoehorning yourself into a blind, dutiful duplication. Replicate nothing without first determining if it works for you. You are one-of-a-kind. What works for someone else may not be appropriate for your needs. Experiment with everything possible – different bats, different balls, different drills, different modes, different styles, different conditions. Keep only the best and discard the rest.

For instance, a favorite Anderson routine utilized 2 separate exercise areas on each side of a 400-yard, open, grass field. One side contained a homemade squat rack loaded with an 800 pound barbell; the other side contained a shoulder press support of his own invention loaded with a 350 pound barbell.  Anderson took a golf club and hit a tee shot from one side of the field to the other. After a slow, leisurely, unhurried stroll to the golf ball, he performed a set of 3 to 5 reps at the given exercise. He rested as long as necessary, then hit another tee shot, walked to the other side, and did a set of that exercise. He often performed this type of routine for 5 or 6 hours for a total of 30 or so sets of exercise, each with a world-class poundage.

Be creative, like Anderson. Learn what works for your unique needs and craft an appropriate program. You might set up an open area and hit off a tee, then retrieve the ball in another area containing a wall-swing station, as an example, then perform a soft-toss drill and hit the ball back toward the original tee. Become a strong individual, in terms of designing your own appropriate drills, and become a great hitter.


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