Hitting drills must be selected, designed, implemented and adjusted in order to keep the balance between optimal contact and maximal power intact. Avoid focus on a single facet to the exclusion of the other.

Focus equitable attention on each. Not equal attention, necessarily. Rather, appropriate and necessary attention depending on your results. Imagine a construction level device that requires minute adjustments in order to restore equilibrium. The execution of drills must accommodate both contact and power, with varying emphasis if one attribute lacks. If your capacity to hit with power lags, spend more time on, and skew your drills toward, enhancement of that area. If your ability to hit for a high contact ratio lags, spend more time on, and skew your drills toward, enhancement of that area. Your selection of drills requires constant monitoring and appropriate substitution and emphasis.

Your attention to this “level” is a critical component in teaching yourself to be a great hitter. In order to reach an exemplary level of performance, your development must be level. Level off in order to ascend higher!



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