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Be a Hitter. Be a Man. Be Your Best.

A new day dawns with new possibilities. Grow from tee ball swinger to high school slugger, and beyond, through examples, anecdotes, profiles, and discussions of the special players and the specialized traits, qualities, skills and drills that made them great.

Learn from the legends of the game; learn from the mistakes of others; learn from anything and everything. Learn to see the ball, hit the ball, and hit the ball hard.

Discover the mental and physical attributes necessary to travel from unsuccessful swinger to successful slugger. Begin the journey now!

Most important: use the great game of baseball as a pathway to learn valuable life lessons. In the process, become a great hitter then become a great man.  Rise to power, like the sun, and shine with your brilliance so bright you will always be remembered!

The “Raising a Man” enterprise exists to provide examples, biographies, quotes, stories and inspiration about great men and women, throughout history and sports, who tapped into their inner, conquering spirit and achieved greatness.

Begin your journey from promise to potential; from possibility to accomplishment; from boyhood to manhood.

Be great!

Mission: Provide resources that help young men and women maximize their full potential, in sports and in life.

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